Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAbstractContentModuleAbstractContentModule is the base class for content module implementations
 CAbstractQueryAbstractQuery is the base class for all query classes
 CActionKeyAn action key is a combination of a resource, context and action that is represented as a string
 CActionKeyProviderImplementations of ActionKeyProvider search for action keys
 CActionMapperActionMapper implementations are responsible for instantiating and executing Controllers based on the referring Controller and the given action
 CApplicationApplication is the main application class, that does all the initialization
 CApplicationErrorApplicationError is used to signal errors that occur while processing a request
 CAttributeDescriptionInstances of AttributeDescription describe attributes of PersistentObjects
 CAuthenticationManagerAuthenticationManager implementations are used to handle all authentication requests
 CBuildDepthBuildDepth values are used to define the depth when loading object trees
 CCacheCache defines the interface for cache implementations
 CClassLoaderClassLoader tries to load missing class definitions
 CConcurrencyManagerConcurrencyManager is used to handle concurrency for objects
 CConfigurationImplementations of Configuration give access to the application configuration
 CContentModuleInterface for smarty content modules
 CControllerController is the base class of all controllers
 CControllerMessageMessages are sent between Controllers and are used to transfer data between them
 CCreatorRoleCreatorRole matches if the user created an entity
 CCriteriaCriteria defines a condition on a PersistentObject's attribute used to select specific instances
 CDBUtilDBUtil provides database helper functions
 CDefaultRequestListenerDefaultRequestListener normalizes various search, sort and paging parameters into those understood by wcmf controllers
 CDynamicRoleDynamicRole is the interface for user roles based on attributes
 CErrorHandlerErrorHandler catches all php errors and transforms fatal errors into ErrorExceptions and non-fatal into log messages
 CEventEvent is the base class for all events
 CEventManagerEventManager is responsible for dispatching events to registered listeners
 CFactoryInterface for Factory implementations
 CFileUtilFileUtil provides basic support for file functionality like HTTP file upload
 CFormatFormat defines the interface for all format classes
 CFormatterFormatter is the single entry point for request/response formatting
 CI18nUtilI18nUtil provides support i18n functionality
 CImageUtilImageUtil provides support for image handling
 CIndexStrategyIndexStrategy defines the interface for indexing implementations
 CInternalLinkInternalLink contains static methods for handling internal application links
 CLinkProcessorLinkProcessor is used to process links in Node instances
 CLinkProcessorStrategyLinkProcessorStrategy defines the interface for strategies used by LinkProcessor
 CListStrategyListStrategy defines the interface for classes that retrieve value lists
 CLocalizationLocalization defines the interface for storing localized entity instances and retrieving them back
 CLockHandlerLockHandler defines the interface for LockHandler implementations
 CLoggerInterface for logger implementations
 CLogManagerLogManager is used to retrieve Logger instances
 CMessageMessage is used to get localized messages to be used in the user interface
 CNodeSerializerNodeSerializer implementations are used to serialize Nodes into an array representation or deserialize an array representation into Nodes
 CNodeSortkeyComparatorNodeSortkeyComparator is used to compare nodes by their sortkey in relation to a given node
 CNodeUtilNodeUtil provides services for the Node class
 CObjectComparatorObjectComparator is used to compare persistent objects by given criterias
 CObjectFactoryObjectFactory implements the service locator pattern by wrapping a Factory instance and providing static access to it
 COtherSuperUserRoleOtherSuperUserRole matches if the user has the super user attribute and the resource is a user instance with a different login than the user
 COutputStrategyOutputStrategy defines the interface for classes that write an object's content to a destination (called 'document') using a special format
 CPagingInfoPagingInfo contains information about a paged list
 CPasswordServiceServices for password handling
 CPathDescriptionPathDescription describes a path between two types
 CPDFPagePDFPage instances define the content of a pdf page by using a set of FPDF/FPDI commands inside the PDFPage::render method
 CPDFTemplatePDFTemplate is used to output pdf files based on a given pdf template
 CPermissionManagerPermissionManager implementations are used to handle all authorization requests
 CPersistenceActionPersistenceAction values are used to define actions on PersistentObject instances
 CPersistenceFacadePersistenceFacade defines the interface for PersistenceFacade implementations
 CPersistenceMapperPersistenceMapper defines the interface for all mapper classes
 CPersistenceOperationA PersistenceOperation instance holds data necessary to accomplish an operation on the persistent store
 CPersistentLockPersistentLock defines the interface for locks that may be persisted (e.g
 CPersistentObjectPersistentObject defines the interface of all persistent objects
 CPositionStores a coordinate tuple for use with the LayoutVisitor
 CPrincipalFactoryPrincipalFactory implementations are used to retrieve User and Role instances
 CRelationDescriptionInstances of RelationDescription describe relations between different types of PersistentObjects
 CResponseDocumentResponseDocument is the interface for media returned in a response when using the DownloadFormat
 CRoleRole is the interface for user roles
 CSearchSearch implementations are used to search entity objects
 CSessionSession is the interface for session implementations and defines access to session variables
 CStringUtilStringUtil provides support for string manipulation
 CSuperUserRoleSuperUserRole matches if the user has the super user attribute
 CTestUtilTestUtil provides helper methods for testing wCMF functionality
 CTransactionTransaction implements the Unit of Work pattern as it defines the interface for maintaining a list of PersistentObject changes inside a business transaction and commit/rollback them
 CUnionQueryUnionQuery combines multiple query results to allow for sorting and paginating over different queries
 CUnionQueryProviderUnionQueryProvider is used to provide queries to a union query
 CURIUtilURIUtil provides support for uri manipulation
 CUserUser is the interface for users
 CValidateTypeValidateType defines the interface for all validator classes
 CValidatorValidator is is the single entry point for validation
 CValueListProviderValueListProvider provides lists of key/values to be used with list input controls
 CViewView defines the interface for all view implementations
 CVisitorVisitor is used to extend an object's functionality by not extending its interface
 CWritableConfigurationImplementations of WritableConfiguration allow to change the whole or parts of the configuration and persist the changes