NodeSortkeyComparator Class Reference

Detailed Description

NodeSortkeyComparator is used to compare nodes by their sortkey in relation to a given node.

The following example shows the usage:

// sort all child nodes of a node by their sortkey
// regardless of the type
$node = $persistenceFacade->load(ObjectId::parse($oidStr), 1);
$children = $node->getChildren();
$comparator = new NodeSortkeyComparator($node, $children);
usort($children, [$comparator, 'compare']);
ingo herwig

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Node $referenceNode, array $nodeList)
 compare (Node $a, Node $b)

Protected Member Functions

 getSortkeyValue (Node $node)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( Node  $referenceNode,
array  $nodeList 


$referenceNodeNode instance to which the other nodes are related
$nodeListArray of Node instances, which should be sorted in relation to the reference node
If the role of a node to sort is not be defined, the comparator uses the first relation that has the type of the given node

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Member Function Documentation

◆ compare()

compare ( Node  $a,
Node  $b 

Compare function for sorting Nodes in the given relation.

$aFirst Node instance
$bFirst Node instance
-1, 0 or 1 whether a is less, equal or greater than b in respect of the criteria

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◆ getSortkeyValue()

getSortkeyValue ( Node  $node)

Get the sortkey value of a node in the given relation.


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static parse($oid)
Parse a serialized object id string into an ObjectId instance.
Definition: ObjectId.php:135