Model Driven Development with PHP


A MDSD framework for building
reliable maintainable and extendable
web applications with PHP

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Model-Driven Software Development

wCMF features a pragmatic Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) approach with the following advantages:

  • Single Source of Truth All important aspects of the application are defined in one place - the model.
  • Consistency The code generator takes care that model changes are applied consistently in all relevant places, e.g. if an entity attribute is changed, added or deleted, all persistence and domain classes are changed appropriately. This results in less errors and better code quality.
  • Increased productivity By spending less time on repetitive tasks, developers can focus more on the application domain.

Creating a wCMF-based application basically involves three steps:


Start by modeling your application in wCMF's UML based Domain Specific Language (DSL). It not only supports defining the domain model, controllers and views, but also configuration and application flow. Graphical editors are available from the Eclipse and Olympos projects. Read more


Run the code generator to create persistence mappers, controllers, views and configuration files from the model. After that a web application based on the Dojo Toolkit is ready to be used. It allows to manage entity instances and includes a full text search, localization support and user/role management. Read more


wCMF's clear object oriented design is based on well known design patterns, that allow to extend the application in every aspect. Custom code is protected from subsequent generator runs, which ensures that future requirements can be implemented while model and code stay in synch. Read more



wCMF is available under an open source license (MIT License).