Detailed Description

DefaultFactory is used to create service instances.

The concrete service implementations and building parameters are described in the given configuration. Dependencies are injected in the following ways:

  • Constructor injection: Each constructor parameter is resolved either from the instance configuration or, if not specified, from an existing class that is of the same type as defined in the type hinting.
  • Setter injection: Each parameter of the instance configuration, that is not part of the constructor is injected through an appropriate setter method, if existing.

To ensure that an instance implements a certain interface, the interface name may be passed together with the instance name to the DefaultFactory::addInterfaces method. The interfaces required by framework classes are already defined internally (see DefaultFactory::$requiredInterfaces).

The following configuration shows the definition of the View instance:

__shared = false
compileCheck = true
caching = false
cacheLifetime = 3600
cacheDir = app/cache/smarty/
__ref = $view

In this example views are instances of SmartyView. They are not shared, meaning that clients get a fresh instance each time they request a view. The parameters compileCheck, caching, ... are either defined in the constructor of SmartyView or there is an appropriate setter method (e.g. SmartyView::setCompileCheck). Any other constructor parameter of SmartyView is tried to resolve from either another instance defined in the configuration or an existing class. HtmlView is defined as an alias for View.

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Configuration $configuration)
 getInstance ($name, $dynamicConfiguration=[])
 getNewInstance ($name, $dynamicConfiguration=[])
 getInstanceOf ($class, $dynamicConfiguration=[])
 registerInstance ($name, $instance)
 addInterfaces (array $interfaces)
 clear ()

Protected Member Functions

 getSetterName ($property)
 createInstance ($name, $configuration, $instanceKey)
 resolveValue ($value)
 getInterface ($name)

Protected Attributes

 $instances = []
 $configuration = null
 $currentStack = []

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( Configuration  $configuration)


$configurationConfiguration instance used to construct instances.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getInstance()

getInstance (   $name,
  $dynamicConfiguration = [] 
See also

Implements Factory.

Definition at line 116 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ getNewInstance()

getNewInstance (   $name,
  $dynamicConfiguration = [] 
See also

Implements Factory.

Definition at line 144 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ getInstanceOf()

getInstanceOf (   $class,
  $dynamicConfiguration = [] 
See also

Implements Factory.

Definition at line 156 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ registerInstance()

registerInstance (   $name,
See also

Implements Factory.

Definition at line 169 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ addInterfaces()

addInterfaces ( array  $interfaces)
See also

Implements Factory.

Definition at line 177 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ clear()

clear ( )
See also

Implements Factory.

Definition at line 184 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ getSetterName()

getSetterName (   $property)

Get the setter method name for a property.


Definition at line 193 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ createInstance()

createInstance (   $name,

Create an instance from the given configuration array.

$nameThe name by which the instance may be retrieved later using Factory::getInstance(). The name is also used to check the interface (see Factory::addInterfaces())
$configurationAssociative array with key value pairs for instance properties passed to the constructor, setters or public properties and the special keys:
  • '__class': optional, denotes the instance class name
  • '__shared' optional, if true, the instance may be reused using Factory::getInstance())
  • '__ref' optional, defines this instance as an alias of the referenced instance
$instanceKeyThe name under which the instance is registered for later retrieval

Definition at line 210 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ resolveValue()

resolveValue (   $value)

Resolve a configuration value into a parameter.


Definition at line 331 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ getInterface()

getInterface (   $name)

Get the interface that is required to be implemented by the given instance.

$nameThe name of the instance
Interface or null, if undefined

Definition at line 376 of file DefaultFactory.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $requiredInterfaces

Initial value:
= [
'eventManager' => 'wcmf\lib\core\EventManager',
'logger' => 'wcmf\lib\core\Logger',
'logManager' => 'wcmf\lib\core\LogManager',
'session' => 'wcmf\lib\core\Session',
'configuration' => 'wcmf\lib\config\Configuration',
'localization' => 'wcmf\lib\i18n\Localization',
'message' => 'wcmf\lib\i18n\Message',
'cache' => 'wcmf\lib\io\Cache',
'persistenceFacade' => 'wcmf\lib\persistence\PersistenceFacade',
'transaction' => 'wcmf\lib\persistence\Transaction',
'concurrencyManager' => 'wcmf\lib\persistence\concurrency\ConcurrencyManager',
'actionMapper' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\ActionMapper',
'request' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\Request',
'response' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\Response',
'listStrategies' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\control\lists\ListStrategy',
'formats' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\format\Format',
'formatter' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\format\Formatter',
'view' => 'wcmf\lib\presentation\view\View',
'authenticationManager' => 'wcmf\lib\security\AuthenticationManager',
'permissionManager' => 'wcmf\lib\security\PermissionManager',
'principalFactory' => 'wcmf\lib\security\principal\PrincipalFactory',
'user' => 'wcmf\lib\security\principal\User',
'role' => 'wcmf\lib\security\principal\Role',

Interfaces that must be implemented by the given instances used in the framework.

Definition at line 66 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ $instances

$instances = []

The registry for already created instances.

Definition at line 95 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ $configuration

$configuration = null

The Configuration instance that holds the instance definitions.

Definition at line 100 of file DefaultFactory.php.

◆ $currentStack

$currentStack = []

Definition at line 102 of file DefaultFactory.php.

View is used by Controller to handle the view presentation in MVC pattern.
Definition: SmartyView.php:36