Detailed Description

I18nUtil provides support i18n functionality.

ingo herwig

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Static Public Member Functions

static getMessages ($directory, $exclude, $pattern, $depth=0)
static getMessagesFromFile ($file)
static createPHPLanguageFile ($language, $messages)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMessages()

static getMessages (   $directory,
  $depth = 0 

Get all messages from a directory recursively.

$directoryThe directory to search in
$excludeArray of directory names that are excluded from search
$patternThe pattern the names of the files to search in must match
$depthInternal use only
An assoziative array with the filenames as keys and the values as array of strings.
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◆ getMessagesFromFile()

static getMessagesFromFile (   $file)

Get all messages from a file.

Searches for parameters of the Message::getText method and usage of the smarty 'translate' function.

$fileThe file to search in
An array of strings.
This method searches for occurrences of '->getText('Text to translate')', 'Dict.translate("Text to translate")' or {translate:"Text to translate"} where 'Text to translate' is supposed to be the message to translate. So it might not find the usage of the getText() method with concatenated strings (like $message->getText($login." says hello")). For replacements use method signatures, that support parameters.

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◆ createPHPLanguageFile()

static createPHPLanguageFile (   $language,

Create a message file for use with the Message class.

The file will be created in the directory defined in configutation key 'localeDir' in 'application' section.

$languageThe language of the file (language code e.g. 'de')
$messagesAn assoziative array with the messages as keys and assoziative array with keys 'translation' and 'files' (occurences of the message)
Boolean whether successful or not.

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