ControllerTestCase Class Reference

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ControllerTestCase is the base class for test cases used for Controllers.

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Protected Member Functions

 runRequest ($action, $data, $addActionKey=true)
 runRequestFromThis ($action, $data, $addActionKey=true)
 getControllerName ()
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 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
 executeSql ($type, $sql, $parameters=[])

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 getConnection ()
 run (\PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult $result=null)

Member Function Documentation

◆ runRequest()

runRequest (   $action,
  $addActionKey = true 

Make a request to the controller.

This method makes sure that the requested action is routed to the controller to be tested. The calling method has to make sure that a session is started, if necessary (e.g. by calling TestUtil::startSession()). The transaction will be rolled back before the request is run in order to avoid side effects.

$actionThe action
$dataAn associative array with additional key/value pairs for the Request instance @parma $addActionKey Boolean, whether to add an action key for the given action to the configuration or not (optional, default: true)
Response instance

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◆ runRequestFromThis()

runRequestFromThis (   $action,
  $addActionKey = true 

Make a request to the controller with the controller set as sender.

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◆ getControllerName()

getControllerName ( )

Get the fully qualified name of the controller to test.

The name of the controller