DionysosNodeSerializer Class Reference

Detailed Description

DionysosNodeSerializer is used to serialize Nodes into the Dionysos format and vice versa.

The format of serialized Nodes is defined in the Dionysos specification (See: http://olympos.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/olympos/trunk/olympos/dionysos/docs/Dionysos%20Specification%20JSON.odt)

The array representation is an associative array where the keys are:

  • className: The type of the Node (optional, if oid is given)
  • oid: The object id of the Node (optional, if className is given)
  • isReference: Boolean whether this Node is a reference or complete
  • lastChange: A timestamp defining the point in time of the last change of the Node
  • attributes: An associative array with the value names as keys and the appropriate values Relations to other Nodes are also contained in this array, where the relation name is the array key
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Public Member Functions

 isSerializedNode ($data)
 deserializeNode ($data, Node $parent=null, $role=null)
 serializeNode ($node)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractNodeSerializer
 __construct (PersistenceFacade $persistenceFacade)

Public Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractNodeSerializer
 getNodeTemplate ($oid)
 deserializeValue (Node $node, $key, $value)
 isMultiValued (Node $node, $role)

Member Function Documentation

◆ isSerializedNode()

isSerializedNode (   $data)
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Implements NodeSerializer.

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◆ deserializeNode()

deserializeNode (   $data,
Node  $parent = null,
  $role = null 
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Implements NodeSerializer.

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◆ serializeNode()

serializeNode (   $node)
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Implements NodeSerializer.

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Initial value:
= [

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