ListStrategy Interface Reference

Detailed Description

ListStrategy defines the interface for classes that retrieve value lists.

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Public Member Functions

 getList ($options, $valuePattern=null, $key=null, $language=null)
 isStatic ($options)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getList()

getList (   $options,
  $valuePattern = null,
  $key = null,
  $language = null 

Get a list of key/value pairs defined by the given configuration.

$optionsAssociative array of implementation specific configuration
$valuePatternA regular expression pattern that the returned values should match (optional)
$keyA key value, if only one item should be returned (optional)
$languageThe language if the values should be localized. Optional, default is Localization::getDefaultLanguage()
An assoziative array containing the key/value pairs

Implemented in NodeListStrategy, FileListStrategy, FunctionListStrategy, FixedListStrategy, and ConfigListStrategy.

◆ isStatic()

isStatic (   $options)

Check if the list values are static or changing.

$optionsAssociative array of implementation specific configuration

Implemented in NodeListStrategy, FunctionListStrategy, FixedListStrategy, FileListStrategy, and ConfigListStrategy.