OutputStrategy Interface Reference

Detailed Description

OutputStrategy defines the interface for classes that write an object's content to a destination (called 'document') using a special format.

OutputStrategy implements the 'Strategy Pattern'.

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Public Member Functions

 writeHeader ()
 writeFooter ()
 writeObject (PersistentObject $obj)

Member Function Documentation

◆ writeHeader()

writeHeader ( )

◆ writeFooter()

writeFooter ( )

Write the document footer.

Implemented in ImageOutputStrategy, DotOutputStrategy, DefaultOutputStrategy, and AuditingOutputStrategy.

◆ writeObject()

writeObject ( PersistentObject  $obj)

Write the object's content.

$objThe object to write.

Implemented in ImageOutputStrategy, DotOutputStrategy, ElementImageOutputStrategy, DefaultOutputStrategy, and AuditingOutputStrategy.