RemotingServer Class Reference

Detailed Description

RemotingServer is used to communicate with other wCMF instances.

The url and login credentials of a remote instance are configured using the configuration sections RemoteServer and RemoteUser. Each remote instance is identified by a unique server key. The following example configures ServerKeyA over http and ServerKeyB over command line:

ServerKeyA = http://localhost/wcmfA
ServerKeyB = /path/to/wcmfB/main.php
ServerKeyA = {loginA, passwordA}
ServerKeyB = {loginB, passwordB}
php = /path/to/php-cli
ingo herwig

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Public Member Functions

 doCall ($serverKey, $request)

Member Function Documentation

◆ doCall()

doCall (   $serverKey,

Send a request to the server identified by serverKey.

$serverKeyAn entry in the configuration section 'remoteserver'
$requestA Request instance
A Response instance

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