OutputVisitor Class Reference

Detailed Description

OutputVisitor is used to output an object's content to different destinations and formats.

The spezial output destination/format may be configured by using the corresponding OutputStrategy, which is set using the setOutputStrategy() method.

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($outputStrategy=null)
 setOutputStrategy ($strategy)
 visit ($obj)
 doPreVisit ()
 doPostVisit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Visitor
 startIterator (NodeIterator $iterator)
 startArray ($array)
 visit ($obj)
 doPreVisit ()
 doPostVisit ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $outputStrategy = null)


$outputStrategyOutputStrategy instance to use (If 'null', a DefaultOutputStrategy will be used).

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Member Function Documentation

setOutputStrategy (   $strategy)

Set the PersistenceStrategy.

$strategyOutputStrategy instance to use.

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visit (   $obj)

Visit the current object in iteration and output its content using the configured OutputStrategy.

$objPersistentObject instance

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doPreVisit ( )

Output the document header.

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doPostVisit ( )

Output the document footer.

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