ValueListController Class Reference

Detailed Description

ValueListController is used to resolve lists for input_type definitions.

The controller supports the following actions:

Action default
List key/values.

Parameter Description
in listDef The list definition (expected to be base64 encoded)
in displayText RQL ( style query for 'displayText' (optional, only match is supported)
in value RQL ( style query for 'value' (optional, only eq is supported)
out list Array of associative arrays with keys 'oid', 'value', 'displayText'
out static Boolean indicating whether returned data are static or not
Response Actions
ok In all cases
ingo herwig

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Protected Member Functions

 validate ()
 doExecute ($method=null)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Controller
 validate ()
 doExecute ($method=null)
 executeSubAction ($action)
 redirect ($location, $key=null, $data=null)
 getLogger ()
 getSession ()
 getPersistenceFacade ()
 getPermissionManager ()
 getActionMapper ()
 getLocalization ()
 getMessage ()
 getConfiguration ()
 requireTransaction ()
 endTransaction ($commit)
 isLocalizedRequest ()
 checkLanguageParameter ()
 generateCsrfToken ($name)
 validateCsrfToken ($name)
 getLocalSessionValue ($key, $default=null)
 setLocalSessionValue ($key, $value)
 clearLocalSessionValues ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Controller
 __construct (Session $session, PersistenceFacade $persistenceFacade, PermissionManager $permissionManager, ActionMapper $actionMapper, Localization $localization, Message $message, Configuration $configuration)
 initialize (Request $request, Response $response)
 execute ($method=null)
 getRequest ()
 getResponse ()
- Public Attributes inherited from Controller
const CSRF_TOKEN_PARAM = 'csrf_token'

Member Function Documentation

validate ( )
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doExecute (   $method = null)
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