DeleteController Class Reference

Detailed Description

DeleteController is used to delete Node instances.

The controller supports the following actions:

Action default
Delete the given Node instance.

Parameter Description
in / out oid The object id of the Node to delete
Response Actions
ok In all cases
ingo herwig

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Protected Member Functions

 validate ()
 doExecute ($method=null)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Controller
 validate ()
 doExecute ($method=null)
 executeSubAction ($action)
 redirect ($location, $key=null, $data=null)
 getLogger ()
 getSession ()
 getPersistenceFacade ()
 getPermissionManager ()
 getActionMapper ()
 getLocalization ()
 getMessage ()
 getConfiguration ()
 requireTransaction ()
 endTransaction ($commit)
 isLocalizedRequest ()
 checkLanguageParameter ()
 generateCsrfToken ($name)
 validateCsrfToken ($name)
 getLocalSessionValue ($key, $default=null)
 setLocalSessionValue ($key, $value)
 clearLocalSessionValues ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Controller
 __construct (Session $session, PersistenceFacade $persistenceFacade, PermissionManager $permissionManager, ActionMapper $actionMapper, Localization $localization, Message $message, Configuration $configuration)
 initialize (Request $request, Response $response)
 execute ($method=null)
 getRequest ()
 getResponse ()
- Public Attributes inherited from Controller
const CSRF_TOKEN_PARAM = 'csrf_token'

Member Function Documentation

validate ( )
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doExecute (   $method = null)
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